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Digital Solutions

Our Digital Solutions offer meticulously prewritten cover letters and resumes, providing an affordable stepping stone towards career advancement. They are designed for swift customization, ensuring you stand out in the job market with a professional edge.

Career Strategy

Strategy is critical in a job search. Whether you’re plotting the next chapter of your career, preparing for an interview, or striving to improve as a leader, we’re there to provide insights, action plans, and honesty.


We’ve poured 10 years of success writing winning resumes and coaching high-profile professionals into a series of online courses. Gain critical insights we’ve gathered from our global network of recruiters and hiring managers.

Resume Writing

99% of the clients who use our resumes receive job interviews within six months. We leverage a blend of industry insights, global best practices, ATS-compliant formatting, and storytelling to capture the attention of recruiters, headhunters, and hiring managers.

Cover Letters & Bios

Crafted with precision, our cover letters serve as a compelling prelude to your professional narrative, convincing potential employers of your unique value. They combine professional content and storytellying to position you as the ideal candidate for any role.

LinkedIn Content

Our LinkedIn content strategy elevates your professional persona with a rich, engaging profile that attracts views. We curate each section to showcase your skills, experience, and ambitions, connecting you with the right opportunities across the marketplace.

My name is Ryan. I’m the catalyst behind countless career triumphs.

To all jobseekers: Changing your role or starting a new career requires stories. Your stories.

My background in HR and recruiting, combined with two master’s degrees in writing along with the discipline and determination honed as a semi-professional soccer player and amateur MMA fighter, underpins the success I bring to my clients. These arenas taught me the critical importance of process and planning—principles I apply to help you land interviews with top-tier employers like Facebook, SpaceX, Google, Microsoft, the NFL, the English Football Association, Netflix, Spotify, Adobe, Meta, Tesla, and BlackRock.

Our track record of enabling 99% of our clients to secure job interviews is no coincidence. It’s the product of strategic precision and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We ensure your resume beats the bots of Applicant Tracking Systems, a non-negotiable in today’s competitive job market. But our approach goes beyond algorithms; we make your narrative compelling to the human decision-makers at the heart of the hiring process.

The bedrock of what we do is our whiteglove service and a global network of recruiters, headhunters, and hiring managers. This vast web of connections gives your resume the audience it deserves, placing it in the hands of those who can propel your career forward. With us, you’re not just another applicant—you’re a standout candidate ready to make an impact.

We don’t just prepare you to get your foot in the door; we equip you with the tools to stride confidently through it. Process, planning, discipline, determination—these are the cornerstones of your next career leap. Join us, and let’s turn your professional aspirations into achievements.