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Are you sick of not getting interviews or losing out on a golden job opportunity? Your resume may be missing substance. Talking about your day-to-day tasks are important but leaving out the real story about how you helped your company succeed could be killing your chances of landing an interview.

Canary Careers can help you fix this problem! This article will show you how to develop resume content that motivates hiring managers to pick up the phone and call you. 

There are many ways to screw up your resume, and most people never receive training on how to create an effective personal marketing document. The key is to focus on your contributions and framing them to demonstrate a clear cause and effect.

Quantitative achievements are usually the easiest information to understand during that 10-12 second window when a person reviews your resume. They often require the least amount of context and are critical to most sales and business development professionals.

Completed project to implement new software system which slashed 10% from administrative costs while also streamlining workflows.

Identified fresh revenue streams that produced $100K in annual sales by prospecting new clients, converting warms leads, and using negotiation skills to close deals.

Don’t fret if you’re struggling to come up with numbers to back your achievements. Quantitative data is king, but substance is queen, and she wears the pants in the relationship. You can still talk about how you impacted the office environment, counselled business leaders on critical decisions, or led a project to move the office to a new location.

Improved workplace culture by leading employee engagement initiatives that included internal newsletter, weekly huddles, and team building activities.

Improved customer service levels and attracted repeat customers using active listening skills and quickly rectifying service-related issues.

The best way to land the job you want is pepper your resume with key contributions. By using accomplishment-based statements (along with a few words about your responsibilities), your resume tells a clear story about why someone should hire you over other candidates looking for the same job opening.


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