Gift Cards

There’s no time like the present… to give a present!
Mar 16, 2021

The best gifts typically come from the heart, but a gift a card from Canary Careers is pretty high up there. Instead of scrolling endlessly through Amazon or stuffing cash in a cheap envelope, why not set your friend or family member up with a gift that can take his or her career to the next level?

We often receive messages via LinkedIn or emails from former clients who want to purchase our services for someone they know. Before, we did the song and dance of coordinating invoices and a bunch of emails to make this happen. While we love a nice message from a client, we decided to make the process easier by offering gift cards for all our services.

You can head to canary-careers.com or canarycareers.co.uk to purchase vouchers for each of our services. Not sure what to buy? No problem. You can load a voucher with a prepaid amount and let the person receiving the gift choose.

Who Should I Get a Gift Card For?


College and high school students have enough going against them with the post-pandemic economy. You can put them in a position to land that first gig with a solid resume or help them set a plan in place to find their calling with help from us.

While veterans receive support for life after the military, we can share greater insight into the job market and conduct mock-interviews to strengthen their confidence and get the desired outcome. Translating military experience into a civilian resume is also one of our specialties.

Athletes often don’t know what comes next after their final walk off the field, court, or mat. With a director who was a mediocre semi-professional footballer, we understand how to transform sports-focused information into content that opens up new opportunities.

After working with over 2,000 clients on every continent, we’ve learned that not everyone is comfortable asking for help, even when it comes to a career. Let us support the person you care about whether it’s resume writing, interview coaching, or career counselling.


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