Guarantees, Cancellations, and Refunds

60-Day Guarantee, Cancelation Policy, and Refunds

We are professionals and take our jobs very seriously. Every client who signs up for CV/resume-writing services, interview coaching, or career counselling receives the best possible work we’re capable of producing.

We stand by our abilities which is why Canary Careers guarantees you will receive at least one interview within 60 days of receiving your final CV/resume drafts. If you do not receive an interview for a role the resume was targeted for, then we will rewrite your documents again at no extra cost. This offer continues until you receive an interview.

Cancelation Policy

We also understand that life happens and can get in the way of scheduled interview coaching or career counselling sessions. This is why we have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

We will not charge additional fees for any appointment you cancel within 24-hours of the scheduled meeting. We will refund your payment should you wish to cancel the interview or career coaching services all together as long as you notify us by email or phone at least 24-hours before the scheduled meeting.

The reasoning for the 24-hour cancellation policy is due to the fact we have to conduct research and prepare for interview/coaching sessions to best serve our clients. Our aim is and will always be to help our clients to the absolute best of our abilities. We need time to do so, and we value our time as well as yours.


CVs/Resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn content, or any other written document we produce cannot be returned or exchanged. These items are digital, and we spend a considerable amount of time creating them.

This is why all sales are final. We will always rewrite a document if a client does not receive an interview within 60-days, but the only time we can provide a full refund for resume-writing services is when a client cancels before work begins.


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